Member since 2015

Crédit USD 250'000 + 70'000

Since 1987, the Peruvian Tocache Cooperative has been organized into groups of cocoa producers. Their goal ? Escaping the economic dependence linked to cocoa cultivation, which reigned in the region for decades, and ensuring a decent income for farmers.

Project description

In 1987, small cocoa producers created a cooperative to put an end to the devastation caused by coca production and offer alternatives to farmers. Awareness of the need to integrate the principles of fair trade, soil protection and management has enabled the growth of this small cooperative over the period 2016-2021. Tocache supports its members with cocoa processing and international marketing. The cooperative aims to improve the quality of production by contributing to respect for the environment and respect for the principles of decent work. Its members cultivate plots of 3 hectares on average. The production is processed and exported mainly to Switzerland and Italy.

Challenges & perspectives

In 2021, an 80% drop in the annual harvest and a fall in prices led TOCACHE to restructure its debt with its social investors. In the medium term, TOCACHE will have to strengthen its equity.

Key figures

Total assets: USD 1’893’119
Equity: USD -445’264
Turnover: USD 3’652’207
Net result: USD 3’652’207
Number of beneficiaries:
Men: 220
Women: 116

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose/purpose of funding:
working capital and equipment loans.
Disbursement: Dec. 2021
Loan size: USD 250’000
Guarantee: export contract for 120% of the credit amount.
Outstanding (Dec. 2023): USD 263’743 + USD 70’000 short-term credit.
Repayment: restructuration en cours

Usefull data

Country: Peru
Head office: Tocache, Dpt. de San -Martin
Philea member since: 2015
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Improving the income of small producers through the purchase, processing and export of their production on the fair-trade market.

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