Hybrid & commited


Philea is cooperative of public interest offering loans at favourable rates to its beneficiary members, thanks to its financial base offered by its contributors on one hand and to its proven reliability for investors on the other hand.



Our results in 22 years of experience


2018 key figures

Total amount : CHF 2’250’000

Africa : 2 operations for an amount of CHF 150’000
Latin : 13 operations for an amount of CHF 2’100’000

15 members currently benefit from financial support

18,000 total final beneficiaries

7 countries of intervention as of today

Africa (Togo, Burundi)
Latin America (Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador)

Financial commitments to beneficiary members on 31 December 2018




Philea has 105 support and beneficiary members spread in Africa, Latin America, and Northern America.

Beneficiary members are very diverse by :

  • their legal form : be they NGOs, associations, cooperatives or limited companies
  • the activities they undertake – savings systems, credit, production and agricultural commercialisation
  • their size and their level of development: small precarious structures in need of stronger technical support as well as bigger better-capitalised institutions that cover several regions and several thousand members

This diversity is a strength that encourages synergies.

In each country of intervention, local coordinators make the network live and conduct joint technical support and training activities that foster experience exchange and skills transfer amongst members.
Philea also employs its more experienced or larger members as intermediaries, in order to identify new members or even co-finance them.

In Guatemala, in 2004, Philea began a collaboration with the Federation of Cooperatives of Coffee Producers of Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA). A first guarantee had been issued to enable the federation to finance the coffee harvesting campaign through a local bank. FEDECOCAGUA – in a context where coffee production is widely controlled by private groups – then succeeded in developing so as to become a major player in the sector in Guatemala.

The collaboration evolved, FEDECOCAGUA, thanks to its development, no longer needed the funding of Philea. On the other hand, since 2009, FEDECOCAGUA has been helping Philea to identify new members among its member cooperatives who, in turn, benefit from this funding.

Three smaller cooperatives were thus able to benefit from this through FEDECOCAGUA’s intermediation. In addition, the local correspondent accompanies these small cooperatives in order to optimise their internal procedures.