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USD Credit 334'000

ADIP (Association Pour la Dignité Paysanne) and the RAFIDESTIM project (search for innovative financing alternatives and development of family farms through mutual stimulation) consists of developing alternative financing systems for family farms and disseminating them at the national level.

Project description

Created in 2019, ADIP notes that the majority of farmers have lost self-esteem and live in fatalism. This is the result of the limitation of development to the sole improvement of income and the promotion of the most entrepreneurial farmers. A first RAFIDEF project (2019-2021) identified savings and credit self-promotion tools where 300 farming households, particularly women (60%) and young people, were able to sustainably improve their conditions of existence. The RAFIDESTIM 2 project will extend the activities to a larger number of beneficiaries.

Challenges & perspectives

Strengthen ADIP’s autonomy.

Key figures

58 groups
650 beneficiaries
397 women
FGC : CHF 334’000
Fondation Roi Baudoin : CHF 150’000
Total : CHF 484’000

Philea’s Intervention

Project coordination & follow-up.

Usefull data

Project’s duration: 2023-2026
(2nd phase of the project).
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Savings mobilization of savings and access to credit.
Improvement of small family farms.

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