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Member since 2016

EUR credit 60'000

Since 2004, the Association Promo Monde Rural (APMR) has been contributing to the economic and social advancement of rural populations in the Ziro province of Burkina Faso. In particular, it aims to reduce the social inequalities that characterize the living conditions of women and young people in rural areas. APMR is active in the fields of health, socio-professional training, agricultural production, agri-food processing and product marketing.

Project description

APMR supports women's groups and cooperatives in rural areas of the Ziro province in Burkina Faso. It has over 6'300 members, including 3'700 women. Its activities include harvesting, storage, processing and marketing of the products produced by the groups it supports (soumbala, peanut leg, corn flour, shea butter, rice).

Philea is supporting APMR with a EUR 60'000 loan to finance the purchase of 70 tonnes of groundnuts from its members for resale to a Ouagadougou-based wholesaler. Thanks to the margins generated by group sales, the 680 small producers, including 502 women, have seen their incomes increase significantly.

APMR is also a partner in the INCLUFIN project run by Philea in Burkina Faso. It receives support in setting up savings and credit groups.

Challenges & perspectives

APMR is strongly committed to climate change issues. In response to land degradation linked to the intensive use of pesticides, it aims to set up a modern ecological center and train beneficiaries in agroecological production techniques.

Key figures

Total assets: EUR 246’422
Equity: EUR 67’315
Turnover: EUR 41’413
Net result: EUR 5’592
Number of beneficiaries: 6'300 members, including 3'700

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose of funding:
Working capital for the purchase/resale of peanuts.
Disbursement: november 2023
First Loan: EUR 60’000
Outstanding (Dec. 2023): EUR 60’000
Guarantee: association headquarters and joint guarantee of the members.
Repayment : according to schedule

Usefull data

Country: Burkina Faso
Head office: Sapouy
Philea member since: 2016
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Increased income for rural women.

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