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Projet Inclufin

Member since 2022

Credit USD 300'000

The INCLUFIN project implemented by the NGO I-RAD aims to support the members of five peasant organizations, 90% women, to form Savings and Credit Groups to strengthen their own Income Generating Activities (IGA).

Project description

The INCLUFIN project was born from the conviction that financial education, saving’s mobilization and access to credit are the main pillars for vulnerable population’s financial inclusion, particularly for women in rural areas. Its design is based on the results of the PROEDU projects implemented by the RAFAD Foundation and the VSLA (Village Savings and Loans Associations) methodology. In addition, specific training on Income Generating Activities, financial education, environmental protection awareness and gender, completed the project.

Challenges & perspectives

Strengthen I-RAD’s autonomy.

Key figures

Farmers' organizations: 4
Beneficiaries: 5’000
Women: 90%
Budget: CHF 300’000

Philea’s Intervention

Project coordination & follow-up.

Usefull data

Project’s duration: Nov. 2022 – Oct. 2025 (2nd phase of the project)
Beneficiary organizations:
APMR in Sapouy
Burkina Vert in Ouahigouya
UPPA in Bobo Dioulasso
APMD in Koudougou
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Savings mobilization.
Women’s Empowerment through IGA.

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