El Salvador

Confianza SA

Member since 2005

Credit USD 300'000

Confianza LLC is the holding company of the AMC group which represents several MFIs in El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the United States as well as a security company in El Salvador.

Project description

Active since 2012, Confianza LLC's main shareholder is the ADEL Morazan Foundation, a non-profit and apolitical organization, created in 1993 by different economic and grassroots organizations, with the support of the central government, local authorities and UNDP in El Salvador. Its mission is to improve access to financial services for microenterprises in Central America, through investments in its subsidiaries. The Chairman of the Board of Directors was a member of Philea’s Board of Directors from 2012 to 2022.

Challenges & perspectives

Strengthen the technical assistance provided to its subsidiaries. Manage resources to support the growth of its subsidiaries' portfolio. Promote capital investments with the aim of developing the microfinance industry in the region.

Key figures

Total assets: USD 12’869’523
Equity: USD 7’397’250
Turnover: USD 1’327’653
Net result: USD 1’072’947
Number of beneficiaries:
Women 9’238
Men 7’527

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose/purpose of funding:
working capital for AMC Honduras.
Disbursement: June 2021
Loan size: USD 300’000
Outstanding (Dec. 2023): USD 100’000
Guarantee: portfolio (120%)
Repayment: according to schedule

Usefull data

Country: El Salvador
Head office: San Miguel
Philea member since: 2005
Web site


Financing microenterprises and young entrepreneurs through the MEGA program (Mecanismo de Garantía para Acceso al Crédito).

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