Café Perú LLC

Member since 2010

USD credit 100'000

Created in 2001, CAFÉ PERÚ LLC’s shareholders includes coffee producer organizations located in the central Peruvian jungle and national and international social investors.

Project description

Its mission is to organize the coffee supply chain through agreements with small producer organizations in the Selva Centrale, to provide efficient and quality processing and storage services to the factory and to develop opportunities for sales on national and international markets. In 2010, CAFÉ PERÚ joined Philea and benefited from several working capital loans. In 2018, faced with internal and economic difficulties, CAFÉ PERÚ strengthened its equity and appointed new members to the Board of directors as well as a new Director to improve its governance and management.

Challenges & perspectives

Increase equity, establish new strategic partnerships. Limit the cost of working capital to 9%. In 2022-2023, some organizations that used CAFE PERÚ's processing and export services encountered climatic and financial difficulties which affected their results.

Key figures

Total assets: USD 8’643’944
Equity: USD 4’228’947
Turnover: USD 4’062’594
Net result: USD 769’294
Number of beneficiaries:
Farmer’s Organizations: 8
Women: 704
Men: 1'550

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose/purpose of funding:
working capital
Disbursement: january 2013
Loan size: USD 100’000
Outstanding: USD 100’000
Guarantee: export contract for 120% of the credit amount.
Repayment: according to schedule

Usefull data

Country: Peru
Head office: Chanchamayo province Junín department
Philea member since: 2010
Web site


Better valuation of small producers’ production. CAFE PERU is certified organic, sustainable, and fair trade. In 2023, direct coffee purchasing and processing and export services were provided to 8 producer organizations in the center of the country.

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