La Florida

Member since 2000

USD credit 75'000

Created in 1966, La Florida coffee producers' cooperative has 610 active members, including 109 women (18%) and 455 producers are certified organic.

Project description

In 1996, La Florida received the support of the Belgian NGO SOS-Faim and was among the first to see its coffee certified in 1998. In 2000, La Florida became a member of Philea which refinanced eleven agricultural campaigns for an average amount of USD 300,000. In 2021, La Florida experienced internal turbulence, calling into question its governance and management. This impacted its access to working capital loans from its partners, but the situation improved in 2022 with the appointment of a new board and chief executive.

Challenges & perspectives

Increase in equity, obtaining new short-term credit lines at an average financial cost not exceeding 9%.

Key figures

Total assets: USD 9’018’615
Equity: USD 6’931’143
Turnover: USD 5’566’385
Net result: USD -510’766
Number of beneficiaries:
Men: 109
Women: 501

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose/purpose of funding:
working capital
Disbursement: on hold
Loan size: USD 75’000
Outstanding: credit repaid
Guarantee: lettre de garantie FOGAL (50%)
Repayment: NA

Usefull data

Country: Peru
Head office : Pichanaqui
Philea member since: 2000
Web site


Valorisation de la production. La Florida possède plusieurs certifications qui génèrent des avantages pour ses producteurs. Promotion d’activités visant à la valorisation et à la conservation de l’environnement par le biais d’une gestion durable de la production. La Florida a pour politique de promouvoir l’agriculture, la conservation des sols et le respect de l’environnement, puisque 95% de la production est certifiée.

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