Cooperative Renacimento

Member since 2018

USD credit 150'000

Created in 1982, the Renacimento cooperative specializes in the production of organic coffee. It’s headquarters is in the Jutapia department in the southeast of the country.

Project description

The cooperative has 195 members (163 men, 32 women), with a cultivated area of 1’058 hectares. The cooperative pre-finances its members' campaign and provides technical advice related to coffee production. At the same time, commercial alliances with the Federation of Coffee Producers’ Cooperatives of Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA) and other partners facilitate marketing mechanisms. Renacimiento has recently invested in equipment to sort the quality of the coffee and obtain an optimal product without paying the exporter for this service. This added value will improve both the selling price and the profit margin. This service will also be offered to third parties.

Challenges & perspectives

Product diversification. Growth of activities linked to coffee sales. Annual membership growth of 20% is expected thanks to new equipment and improved marketing conditions.

Key figures

Total assets: USD 1’679’445
Equity: USD 503’706
Turnover: USD 3’766’056
Net result: USD 104’006
Number of beneficiaries: 163, including 32 women.

Philea’s Intervention

Purpose/purpose of funding:
working capital
Disbursement: October 2021
Loan size: USD 150’000
Outstanding (Dec. 2023): USD 150’000
Guarantee: coffee equivalent (tons), 1,2x the disbursed loan size.
Repayment: according to schedule

Usefull data

Country: Guatemala
Head office: Jutapia
Philea member since: 2018


Oraganic coffee production. Renacimiento is an important option for producers in terms of financing the harvest and processing of coffee, in order to obtain better quality and a better price.

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