Philea’s solidarity gifts:                    think of your loved ones and act sustainably!

October 22, 2019

What if we offered solidarity gifts by supporting Philea’s actions?

Philean friends, as the Christmas and New Year celebrations are coming, take advantage of the period to think in solidarity and to think in a sustainable way!  Philea offers solidarity gifts in the form of shares or a caddy, allowing you to delight your loved ones while taking concrete action.                                                                                       Find out how!

Philea’s solidarity gifts are a way of thinking about your family and the beneficiaries we support: through the purchase of shares or donations, we finance actions that will enable us to support entrepreneurs and farmers at the base of the pyramid to help them develop their project.


Social shares, solidarity savings for an inclusive economy

By offering shares to your loved ones, you allow them to invest in a cooperative that helps development through concrete measures, while perhaps introducing them to the concept of an inclusive economy by integrating the Philea family!

By becoming investors in the social and solidarity economy, you are helping people in need, outside traditional financial systems, to access credit, technical and financial education training so that they can develop their economic activity and escape poverty, through the decent work approach.


The “Giftdon” or donation as a gift, a free amount to support our beneficiary members

Thanks to the Giftdons, you can give a one-off sum of money on behalf of a loved one and allow our structure to continue our action in Africa and Latin America. Free of any commitment and tax-deductible, the Giftdon is an original way to please your loved ones while committing to the mission and values of our cooperative.


How does Philea invest its funds?

The cooperative CAT TOCACHE (Peru)

Founded in 1987 by small cocoa farmers, the cooperative became a member of Philea in 2016 to support its members’ cocoa marketing campaign. The advancements have been positive and the development of the cooperative now allows them to consider setting up a chocolate factory in order to make and sell chocolate. Philea wishes to support Tocache in the implementation of this project through an equipment loan to enable them to increase the integration of their value chain, and ultimately, to sustainably improve their revenues.


The Cooperative Korerikawa (Burundi)

Created in 2014, it began its relationship with Philea by receiving a bank guarantee and then a credit to improve its infrastructure for the storage of coffee and beans. The fall in the price of coffee in 2015 did not dampen the motivation of its members, since the harvests were good enough to create a mutual health insurance company that would be loyalized by the payment of coffee.

What if we all contributed to the development of a more just world?

For more information, contact us by email at or by phone at 022 733 50 73. We will be pleased to advise you and discuss with you the best possible formula according to your wishes.


Documents to download

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