Philea suggests two intervention axes. The financial axis, deployed due to its own funds, aims to facilitate the access of beneficiaries to funding such as credits, to which they seldom have access. This axis is consolidated by the non-financial axis, which needs the contribution of international cooperation, accompanying and skills enhancement though financial education or technical support.

Financial axis

With the objective of supporting its members with their financial needs, Philea suggests three financial instruments: the credit for equipment, the direct credit, and the bank guarantee. Philea targets the specific need of the institution and selects the most appropriate tool for ensuring its development.

Credit for equipment

Philea intervenes upon farmers by granting them credit for equipment with the aim of funding their equipment as well as movable and immovable property directly connected to the exploitation and good functioning of their activity. Thus, they are able to regain control of their value chain, by avoiding intermediaries and sub-operators.

Direct credit

Philea supports its cooperatives by granting them a direct credit in order to allow them to pre-fund their agricultural campaigns. In this way, Philea equally offers to microfinance institutions the possibility to increase the access to credit for their members.

Bank guarantee

By positioning itself as a guarantor, Philea presents to local commercial banks enough financial guarantees for allowing its partners to access loans issued by the local bank system, thus allowing them to attain financial inclusion.

Non-financial axis

While aiming to empower its members and partners, Philea uses three sustainable development tools: financial education, technical support, and the sharing of experience. Philea provides its members with the means to understand and integrate financial instruments in order to develop in a perennial way.

Financial education

Philea gets involved in the financial education of its members and partners in order to train them to wisely manage their resources, to allow them to understand the financial tools they need and to diminish their risk of excessive debt.

Technical support

The technical support provided by Philea offers a framework which allows to analyze, understand, and project in relation to a specific situation. Aimed primarily for institutions, this specialized support provides a way to fight against excessive debt risk and to measure the impacts as well as the repercussions of a possible economic upheaval.

Sharing experiences

Philea is able to provide platforms for sharing experiences viewing its network. Thus, by connecting members and partners among themselves, Philea opens the way for exchanging information and expertise as well as for the creation of potential synergies among the contributors.