Tribute to Pascasie KANA, member of the Philea Board of Directors

15 September 2021

It is with great sadness that Philea recently learned about the death of one on its board of directors members, Ms Pascasie KANA, also member of the Cooperative since 1999, through the Organization of self-promotion support (OAP).

The sudden departure of Pascasie KANA, member of the Philea’s Board of Directors since 2016 is something which shocked all of us. Executive secretary for the Organization of self-promotion support (OAP) in Burundi for more than 20 years, Pascasie was a strong and determined individual for social justice. All her fights had the same objective: allowing the most deprived ones the access to social and economic progress, though rights and collective solidarity.

As a militant for peace and human rights, as well as men-women equity and defense of rural communities, Pascasie enthusiastically supported financial, economic, and social inclusion of women in Burundi for a better division of richness and knowledge.

Philea had the chance to count Ms Pascasie KANA among its Board of Directors for 5 years and thus to convincingly benefit from her knowledge and experience. If her departure is a terrible loss for the Cooperative and its members, we don’t even dare imagine what this represents for her colleagues, family and dear ones. We wholeheartedly stand with them and support them during these difficult mourning times they go through.

As a tribute to her spirit and fight, an excerpt from her thought on the cooperation for development and on the importance of human dignity (in French).

Thank you Pascasie, see you soon!