The Philea International Cooperative Society (Philea) is a non-profit Swiss law cooperative based in Geneva since 1996.

Our vision

A fair, ethical and sustainable economy for all of us !

Our mission

Promoting financial inclusion for all through a two-stages intervention: the funding access for beneficiaries and skills enhancement in terms of managing received funds.

Financial empowerment and inclusion by means of two intervention axes

Philea acts in favor of a fair and sustainable economy, while promoting financial inclusion for all, mainly through a social and solidary economy approach. By means of financial and non-financial support, the aim is the empowerment of members and partners while accompanying them and giving them the tools for building a world where inequalities and poverty are reduced, with a better distribution of wealth.

Philea and the Sustainable Development Goals

Philea gets involved with the Millennium Development Goals (MGDs) and implements, through its actions, measures allowing to reach the following :

The functioning and the composition of Philea

Philea is a horizontal structure where openness and diversity prevail. Philea aims to value, within its forums, the complementarity of skills, origins and the balance among genders and generations.

  • The governing body is thus composed of 11 members spread among 3 intervention continents. They decide the strategic orientations of the Cooperative and submit proposals to the General Assembly.
  • The credit committee is composed of voluntary experts who read and evaluate the risks in the files to be consequently presented to the General Assembly.
  • The Headquarters is an executive body, supported by volunteers, who develop strategic lines adopted by the Governing Body.
  • The local correspondents accompany Philea in establishing a local network in which mutual aid and knowledge sharing are developed. Based on their technical skills, they equally advise the Cooperative and make the connection between the Headquarters and the field.


Headquarters in Geneva

Alain Vergeylen, Switzerland
Chief Executive Director

Board of directors

Daniele E. Fino, Switzerland
President of the Board of Directors

Aude Bax de Keating, Switzerland
Sergio Cortez Valvida, Peru
Pedro Joaqin Castillo, Nicaragua
Dominique Lesaffre, France
Deogratias Niyonkuru, Burundi

François Rossier, Switzerland

Jean-Luc Virchaux, Switzerland
Ytalo Espejo, Peru

Local correspondents

Jamir Contreras, Nicaragua
L.C. for Central America
Sergio Cortez, Peru
L.C. for Peru
Jean-Paul Kiendrebeogo, Burkina Faso
L.C. for western Africa
Oscar Rwasa, Burundi
L.C. for Burundi
Mbaye Sarr, Senegal
L.C. for Senegal
Javier Vaca, Ecuador
L. C. for Ecuador



Technical and financial partners