The figures of 2020

17 members and partners supported by the Cooperative

10 direct credits,
2 credits for equipment,
2 guarantees and
3 interventions of financial education and skills enhancement

5 organisations receive non-financial support

7 supported agricultural cooperatives,
7 micro-finance institutions,
3 associations

3 continents of intervention : Africa, Latin America, and Europe, including
11 countries : Ecuador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, El Salvador, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Guinea, Senegal, Togo, and Switzerland

A total investment of CHF 2 million


Latin AmericaPeru


In 2018 : the first operation of credit for equipment was launched in favor of COOPECAN, a Peruvian cooperative made up of 2100 Alpaca breeders. The objective of this investment : the acquisition of a new weaving unit (field, building, machines) for the cooperatives, whose installations are currently located on a rented field. Due to this credit, COOPECAN will be able to relocate its installations on its own field, while increasing in this way the earnings related to the selling of its products.


The Cooperativa Agroindustrial Tocache CAT (Tocache) is a cooperative founded in 1987 by groups of cocoa producers from the Tocache province in Peru, consisting of 429 members, out of which 116 are women, or 27%.
In 2015 : the collaboration between Tocache and Philea begins by the funding of campaigns of cocoa harvest.
In 2020 : a credit for equipment is shelled out for cocoa drying.
Soil protection and agroecology : Tocache reinforced the capacity of its members through the UTZ certificate in order to improve sustainability conditions.

Café Peru

The Corporación de Productores Café Perú SAC (Café Pérou) exists since 1964 and consists of coffee producers.
Soil protection and agroecology : Café Peru wishes to make coffee more qualitative through measures related to sustainable development and sustainable trade. Café Peru rejoices from 6 different certificates which guarantee ecological, sustainable, and fair standards.


Burkina Faso

The Inclufin project

2020 : A new project supported by Philea “Financial inclusion of women in Burkina Faso: towards poverty reduction and shared prosperity” (Inclufin) and developed by the International Development Research and Action (I-RAD).
Aim and mission of the project : by the creation of savings groups and of a financial education process, this methodology, which already proved itself in the region, aims to contribute to the empowerment of women excluded from the traditional financial system.
Figures : 67 savings groups including 1532 beneficiaries, out of which 1493 women, or 97%, were created. The total mobilized savings are worth € 24,000. Philea supports 3 NGOs : the Promo Monde Rurale Association (APRM), the Provincial Union of Agricultural Producers in Houet (UPPA-Houet), and Burkina Vert, with which it also has an ongoing credit.
Funded by the Development and Cooperation Direction (DDC), Geneva Canton, Geneva City and Veyrier, through the Geneva Federation for Cooperation (FGC).




In Switzerland, Philea strengthened its partnership with the urbaMonde association through the Fund for Solidary Habitat (FHas), an initiative of the CoHabitat network, managed by Urbamonde in partnership with the Cooperative. Philea reinforces the teams in Geneva in the field of management of local rotative funds, managed by partner NGOs in Nicaragua and Senegal.