In order to integrate the Philea network, you have several possibilities allowing to financially reinforce the Cooperative :

Becoming a member

By buying a social part of 200.-, you become a member of the Cooperative and thus, a solidary saver. You increase Philea’s own funds which allow the funding of financial activities for other members.

The social parts are reimbursable from a statuary point of view within 3 years and allow the participation at the General Assembly according to the principle of : 1 member = 1 voice.

In order to rejoice from financial accompanying, a member’s file will be submitted to the local Correspondent (we currently only work in the regions in which we are already present), then to the Credit Committee and finally to the Governing Body.


Questions ? Write to us at or fill in the form by clicking here.

Make a donation

In order to support the activities of Philea and to ensure its functioning, a punctual donation allows to reinforce the structure without a long-term engagement.

IBAN : CH87 0024 0240 7317 2502 B

Offer solidarly, save sustainably !

The sustainable presents of Philea allow to spoil the closed ones while thinking sustainably.

The solidary saving allows to invest sustainably. While offering one or more social parts to a closed one, you allow him / her to enter the solidary network of a saver who wished to reinforce the beneficiaries of Philea’s interventions.

The Cadon allows you to make a donation on behalf of a loved one for a special event.

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